About Us - Services:

We Keep it Simple, Pass the Savings to the Client,
Personal Service Always !

BEST PRICES:  We have acres and acres and acres of mature, robust groves and love to share our bamboo!  Do compare our prices to other suppliers and we know you will come back.  We want you to win your price bid, your clients to love you and your bottom line to smile!  We would welcome the opportunity to deliver to you the best service for all your wholesale live bamboo plant needs.
SAME LOW PRICE  from 5-footers to 17-footers:  We do not differentiate pricing by plant height, as many other suppliers do, because we have acres and acres of all sizes and we love to share! 
SPECIAL SERVICES:  Our bamboo ships with soil-rootball maintained in our misting station once extracted and generously sprayed with water once loaded;  the full plant is protected from windburn during transport; and, importantly, on close time coordination between extraction and replanting. 
Burlapping is available at nominal additional cost and is recommended. 
Mycorrhizal Treatment is available at nominal additional cost and is recommended.
*  Bamboo Containment / Spread Control
Bamboo Removal and/or Eradication

YOUR SPECIFICATIONS: We can meet your height, culm diameter, culms per rootball or other specs. Email your specs or telephone now.

DELIVERY or PICKUP:  You can pick up your order - or just email us your zip code for a Delivery Price Quote.

WE CAN INSTALL:  We have experienced crews ready to install your hedge or grove quickly and properly, and to style based on your desired outcome, be it groomed hedge, natural grove, a maze, a jungle, bouquet focal points, dramatic canes, or you call it -- it's our pleasure !  




Email site plan, sketch and/or photos to:

Or, telephone with your project details: 856-204-2037 
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