Expected Height: 27'   Diameter: 2 inches
Hardiness: 0° F           
USDA zones: 6 through 10

A cold hardy, wind and salt tolerant bamboo with lush foliage that has characteristic
compressed nodes at its base producing overall shorter height than most Phyllostachys.

While some people enjoy its full lush foliage, others remove lower branches to display
the interesting knotty lower nodes. The culms age to a rich, greenish gold color when
grown in a sunny place. A fast and reliable grower in almost any climate.
We can harvest any height range you request
*  6 to 8 footers for "eyelevel privacy"
*  thick-caned 12-15 footers
*  all the way up to 22' tall
*  or we can mix heights for ultimate hedge privacy from eyelevel to 2nd story. 

Minimum Order 125 canes.
Golden Fishing Pole Bamboo + Amanda (5'3
Fishing Pole Bamboo aka Golden Bamboo + Amanda (5'3
Golden Bamboo aka Fishing Rod Bamboo + Amanda (5'3
Fishing Pole Bamboo aka Golden Bamboo compreseed lower nodes, Cape May Bamboo Farms, Wholesale Live Bamboo Plants, 856-204-2037
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