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We are USA's largest Grower-Wholesaler of live bamboo plants
Field-Harvested or Contract-Grown per your specifications.
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3. RUBRO (Phyllostachys Rubromarginata) - lush green with foliage close to the ground;
4. BLACK BAMBOO (Phyllostachys Nigra Hale) - mature specimens with black canes and green foliage;
5. BISSETTI (Phyllostachys Bissetti) - lush green foliage, very cold hardy
6. RIVER CANE (Arundinaria Gigantae) - tall columnar shape, sole species of bamboo native to North America;
7. VIVAX TIMBER BAMBOO (Phyllostachys Vivax) - up to 6" diameter canes growing to 50'+ tall

We have groves throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky. We serve Landscape Contractors, Design Professionals, Real Estate Developers, Institutions, Garden Centers and Home / Business Owners primarily in the Northeast, Midatlantic and Midwest states.

We do not differentiate pricing by plant height (unlike other suppliers) because we have acres and
acres of all sizes and we love to share:  From 5-footers to 17-footers, same low price !  

We also have ample groves of taller plants, up to 50'+ !  Taller plants do require equipment and additional labor.  Please call for pricing; we'll be very happy to help you with taller plants.

We want you to price your bid to get the job, your clients to love you, your bottom line to smile.
We are passionate about satisfying our customers, we eagerly look forward to serving your bamboo needs and exceeding your expectations. We consistently get superlative and 5-star reviews and we
want more!

We are indeed proud and feel blessed to be sharing our bamboo plants
We thank you for helping us share! 

Please do not hesitate to contacts us with any questions;
We are always just one phone call away:  856-204-2037
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