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Our decades-long experience as the largest bamboo grower-wholesaler in the Northeast, Midatlantic and Midwest States gives us unique advantages and efficiencies in addressing the challenges presented by even the most neglected and out-of-control bamboo groves. 

Whether your existing bamboo grove/hedge needs maintenance and/or containment, or your landscape design has changed and you require complete removal and/or eradication, no job is too large for us.

We have long experience in how various species of bamboo grow and spread and we have numerous strategies for efficiently and affordably addressing your concerns and producing the outcomes you desire.

1. Bamboo Grove / Hedge Maintenance Services

[insert description, photos]

2. Bamboo Grove / Hedge Containment (Spread Control)

[insert description, photos: root pruning trench, HDPE barrier]

3. Bamboo Grove / Hedge Removal and/or Eradication

[insert description, photos: //removal jobs completed]

Call us now for a free consultation: 856-204-2037

Or email us photos and/or site plans:

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