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Japanese Arrow Bamboo (Pseudosasa Japonica)

Expected Height: 18 feet    Cane Diameter: 3/4 inch

Hardiness: 0° F                   USDA zones: 6 through 10

A hardy bamboo that does very well both in shade and also in full sun. The culms are

typically yellow-brown and it has palmfont-like leaves. Japanese Arrow does very well in containers and salty air near the ocean.

Perfect as an understory to a tree-lined living fence. A reliable grower in almost any climate. Its name results from the Japanese Samurai using its hard and stiff canes for their arrows.

Each rootball has on average 7 mature canes and shoots.

We can harvest for you any height mix you specify, for example:

* "All-Talls Mix": 6' to 10'+ tall

* "All-Shorts Mix": 3' to 6' tall

* "Full Hedge Mix": combination of both above

Minimum Order 45 rootballs.

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